Pastoral Care

We believe that every person is uniquely created in the image of God

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Matt Birch is both our College Chaplain and Youth Pastor of Rockingham Baptist Church.Matt is passionate about his role because he has the privilege of serving the students and school community while connecting them to the life of the church and the love of Christ. It is such a beautiful combination of real ministry to real people with real life problems, introducing them to the real love of our real God.

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Sam Simpson is a Youth Ministry Intern, which means she gets to play a huge role in the Youth Ministry of the Church and the High School Chaplaincy of the school. Sam loves her role because it gives her such a great opportunity to get to know the young people in the SCBC community and to share the Gospel with them.

Sam Fulwood Capture

Sam Fulwood is one the Chaplains at SCBC. She has a passion for sharing Jesus' love and watching young people grow into confident and compassionate adults.

Each person has different gifts and abilities. Our responsibility as teachers and caregivers is to nurture and encourage all students to become the person they have been created to be. Pastoral care is integral to providing this support to each student, motivating them to reach their goals.

At South Coast Baptist College, we take a proactive approach to maintain a safe learning environment for all students, where Christian values are upheld and mutual respect and acceptance is promoted.

Whilst we do our best to foster a supportive school environment, we recognise that at some point in a student’s educational journey, they may need extra support facing the challenges life can bring. When our students require it, we have a College Counsellor and Chaplains at the college to help them navigate these challenges.

We want to ensure all of our students experience the following, whilst at South Coast Baptist College:


It is important that students develop a sense that they belong in our school community. There are many co-curricular groups that students can join that can help them build positive relationship with their peers. There are also events and activities throughout the year that help to enhance our school culture and build a spirit of community. These include camps, sporting carnivals, assemblies, dances, social events, fundraising initiatives, music concerts, excursions and college presentation evenings.


We believe God is our creator and each person has been made in his image. In this context, all humans are equal, loved by God, and deserve our care and attention. Staff use positive affirmation and encouragement as tools for promoting mental health and optimal wellbeing. We also have a strong pastoral care presence within the school and, as a College, are always actively encouraging our students towards fulfilling their goals.

Respect for Self and Others

We are intentional about shaping a school culture where students feel safe. With this in mind, behavioural expectations are clearly outlined for students and enforced by staff. Our Behaviour Management Policy outlines the consequences of disruptive or threatening behaviour and those consequences are enforced both fairly and consistently without exception. The goal of this discipline is to change behaviour that is detrimental to self or others and encourage personal responsibility for improper behaviour.