Our Gymsports programs offer pathways designed to optimise student participation in a fun but disciplined environment

Gymnastics is a fantastic foundation for all sports, as well as a fun, challenging and highly skillful sport on its own. At South Coast Baptist College our Gymnastics programmes include Artistic and Trampoline Gymsports. By participating in these rigorous training programmes, each student is given the opportunity to engage in the development of fine and gross motor skills, increase flexibility, build strength and personal discipline. Our inclusive programmes offer pathways designed to optimize student participation in a fun but disciplined environment.


Gymnastics Academy

The South Coast Baptist College Gymnastics Academy is a selective programme based on performance at a trial.  There are multiple pathways within the Academy including; Club level WAG, State level WAG, Club level TRP and State level TRP.  Our Elite programme is designed to provide competitive experiences for students aspiring to be on the National Team.

Please note that placement into the Gymnastics Academy is a full fee paying position. If you wish to apply for the Secondary Sporting Scholarship find out more here.

Community Programmes

Designed for the younger members of our community. Our Mighty Mini Programme is a parent/carer assisted session designed to assist children in developing the ability to plan and execute basic motor skills including: jumping, catching, running, kicking and throwing. With a fun new theme each week, this Programme is enjoyed by adults and children alike.

You can register for the term by completing the online registration form below.

Registration will open in Week 8 of the prior term. Please click to register:

Mighty Mini Term 2 2024 Registration

If your child attends Kindy each Friday fortnightly, you can still register and note that you will be attending 'odd weeks' or 'even weeks'.

Curriculum Programmes

Fundamental Movement Skills, founding level Artistic Gymnastic elements and group activities are taught in a fun and challenging way throughout our Kindy and Pre-Primary Sports Specialty Programme.  Classes are taught once a week for the duration of the year.

As part of Physical Education at the College, Students from year 1 to 6 have access to the Gymnastics Sports Specialty Programme.  Students participate in an Artistic Gymnastics based programme designed to increase balance, fitness, improve core strength, reflexes, whole body muscle extension and flexion.  This programme is taught once per week for the duration of a term.

Our Secondary Students are given the opportunity to engage in our Trampolining programme when chosen as an elective.  This programme is designed to be equal parts challenging and rewarding, teaching students aerial awareness, safe landing skills and body control.

Co-Curriculum Programmes

Designed for our College Students who want to expand on their Curriculum programme.  Created with multiple pathways, we have something prepared for everyone.  Offered 1-2 times per week outside of school hours, students can work their way through our Hybrid program or TRP (Trampolining) pathway. Each of our Co-Curriculum Gymsports are aimed to assist students to realise their full athletic potential.  Skill testing, parent displays, and team challenges are just a few of the extra benefits our Co-Curriculum programme has to offer.