College Bus Information

The College has scheduled buses to/from the College in the Morning and Afternoon

The buses connect with two train stations - Mandurah & Warnbro

Bus Routes

The College operates two contractor operated bus routes.  Students catch the buses at the allocated bus stops as indicated on the route.  Students must be at the bus stop 10 minutes before the schedule time.

The Mandurah-Warnbro bus route includes the Mandurah Train/Bus station (uses the TransWA bus stop).  2020 Mandurah AM Bus Stops - 2020 Mandurah PM Bus Stops

The Baldivis bus route includes Warnbro Train/Bus station.  2020 Baldivis AM Bus Stops - 2020 Baldivis PM Bus Stops.

All students in Primary and Secondary College must be registered to catch the bus service.  Due to legislation, all students catching the services need to be seated and have a seat belt allocated.

All routes are set therefore students will embark & disembark at the allocated stop.  No deviations can occur from the schedule route or bus stops.

How to Register

To register for the bus, please email and request access to our on-line system RollCall.  Include your name, student's name/s and your payment option (Annual; Term or PAYG).  We will send an email inviting you to create a profile and input your child/ren's details and allocate the bus stop.

Click here for 2020 Bus Registration & Information

Booking System

Students must be allocated to a bus for the days and times they are travelling.  Parents can do this through the RollCall App at any time.  You will be given options of the frequency, days and AM/PM routes.  Please tick all that are applicable.

What is the cost to use this service?

Payments for the bus are made through RollCall prior to students accessing the bus services.

Prices for 2020

Single Ride - $3.80

Term Pass - $290.00

Annual Pass - $1,100**

Warnbro Train Station - $0.50

**Annual Pass.  There is no Family Annual Pass, however a discount of 30% will apply for the 2nd child’s Annual Pass; and 60% for the Annual Passes of the 3rd   and any subsequent children.  This discount will close on the 21st February 2020.

Annual Passes may be added to your fee account so as to be paid over time by direct debit. To access this option, please email before 4pm, 21st February 2020. In the email, request an annual bus pass and include your name and student’s name/s. A College direct debit payment schedule will have to be completed if not already in place.

Also please note:  Your SmartRider account with Transperth will not be debited or used by our contracted bus services.  The Student Card contains approximately four chips.  The chip for Transperth buses and trains is formatted solely for Transperth ticketing machines.

Additional Costs and Conditions
  •  Credit card payments attract a merchant fee.  This will be added at the time of processing.
  • Unregistered students will be charged a fee of $3.80 per ride + 20% Administration Fee.
  • Students who catch the bus without funds available will be charged $3.80 per ride and an Administration Fee of $15.00 when Accounts review outstanding amounts.
  • The above amounts will be allocated to your RollCall Account.  Families will be required to transfer the amount charged for the bus service through RollCall.  This will not be added to your Tuition Account.
  • Term passes are valid for the Term they are purchased in.  Unfortunately they cannot be spread over Terms.
  • We are unable to refund or adjust the cost of Term passes.
Helpful PDFs & On-line Tutorials

2020 Bus Registration & Information

Parent - First time logging into RollCall

Parent - Real time bus tracking

Tutorial - 1st Time Log-In

Tutorial - Finding a Bus & Stop

Tutorial - Creating a Booking (AM & PM)

Tutorial - Booking a Child on Multiple Buses

Tutorial - Changes & Bookings

Tutorial - Setting Alerts

Tutorial - Absences (for the bus only)

Bus service update 30th March 2020

Student Cards

All Students have been issued with a Student Card.  These cards are used throughout the College - Canteen, College Bus, Transperth Bus and the Library.  The Student Card has several chips embedded within. The funds loaded for the Canteen cannot be used for Transperth, etc.  Students who borrow library books can now have their Student Card scanned to borrow and return books.

Temporary Student Cards will be issued to students whilst they wait for their Student Card to arrive.  However these are not chipped, so you will be only able to use them on our contracted bus route to help identify who is catching the bus.

How do students catch the bus?

AM  - Students need to be at the allocated stop 10 minutes before the bus arrives at the allocated stop.  Students tap on using their Student Card on the device next to the bus driver.  When students arrive at the College, they exit the bus (the bus driver will mark all students off).

PM - Primary students can meet out the front of the Uniform Shop.  The students will be taken to the buses by a teacher on duty.  Secondary students can make their way directly to the buses.  Students tap on using their Student Card and tap off when they exit the bus.  This is done at the front of the bus on the device next to the bus driver.


The College will communicate through the Newsletter and on the website regarding the bus services.  The main portal is our website.  When advancements are made to RollCall, we will advise parents using these methods of communication.

If the bus breaks down, etc, we will email families directly through RollCall.  The email will only be sent to families who have a child/ren that have tapped onto the bus.

If you have any queries, concerns or feedback regarding the contracted bus service, please email at any time.

Request a Bus Route Change

The College reviews bus route change requests annually.  For suggested changes in 2021, please complete the below.