Vocal Academy

The SCBC Vocal Academy provides professional vocal training so that students can confidently use their ability to build our community by sharing their feelings through singing.

The Programme offers opportunities for:

As part of the rigorous training at SCBC Vocal Academy, students engage in:

  • Individual voice lessons delivered by tertiary trained vocal tutors.
  • Classroom tuition in performance practice, theory and song writing taught by professional musicians and educators.
  • Collaborative vocal group rehearsals, with a focus on the development of harmony skills.
  • Elite performances at events.

In accordance with our College values, we aim to assist students to realise their full musical potential, whilst also cultivating hearts of compassion and service.  Performance opportunities include ability based festivals, tours, eisteddfods and community events, such as church services and school concerts.

Placements will be offered to Secondary students of exceptional vocal ability as a result of contemporary voice training.  In addition to this, a small number of placements will be allocated to students with no vocal training, but who display an exceptional giftedness in natural tone and pitching that will be determined at the audition.

Entrance to the Programme

Entrance to this selective program is based on the performance in an audition, an aural test and a brief interview.  For the audition, students are required to prepare two contrasting pieces in a contemporary vocal style.  Please note that both pieces may not be listened in their entirety during the audition.