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South Coast Baptist College normalizes striving for excellence in life in a healthy, thriving, co-educational Christian community. Families rely on the College to provide the highest standard of private education in a secure, thriving school community.

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In The Classroom – Year 1B with Mrs Ellis

What an exciting adventure it has been in Year 1B so far this year!  The students entered Year 1 with wonder and in awe.  They were exposed to the expanse of the Primary School, students from Year 1 to Year 6, designated play areas, formal uniforms, a canteen which they discovered that they could visit […]


Pre-Primary Term 3 Incursion

In Term 3, our three Pre-primary classes had a special visit from our local Police. Students engaged in this amazing experience as part of our protective behaviours program under the topic of ‘everybody has the right to feel safe at all times’ and ‘my safety network’. The students were given the opportunity to ask questions […]

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