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South Coast Baptist College normalizes striving for excellence in life in a healthy, thriving, co-educational Christian community. Families rely on the College to provide the highest standard of private education in a secure, thriving school community.

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AFL Girls


GIRLS AFL In Secondary we offer various sporting opportunities to our students and one of these opportunities are GIRLS AFL.  Our Year 10’s and Year 8’s attended the ACC Year 10 Girls AFL Carnival on Friday, 9th August, held at All Saints College.  It was a great day, the girls did so well with many […]

Kuda Hove


Dream Big My artwork is about the sense of excitement you get when a young football talent is introduced, and they exceed above all expectations. To communicate this message, I used a realistic rendering of an upcoming star Kylian Mbappe in his happiest moment. In the creation of this artwork, I wanted to explore the […]

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