Handbooks & Booklists

2021/22 Handbooks & Booklists

Please refer to handbooks for all subject selection information, uniform requirements, behavior policies, and attendance policies.

Primary Booklists & Handbooks

Kindy: Handbook | Booklist
Pre Primary:  Handbook Booklist
Primary:  Handbook (Years 1-6) Booklist

Secondary Booklists & Handbooks

2022 Secondary Booklists must be ordered through Campion Education :
  1. Click on the link https://www.campion.com.au/, a new account may need to be created with Campion.
  2. Enter the Resource list code PWPK
  3. Then select the relevant year group for your child.  Below is a PDF version of the booklist we recommend viewing prior to purchase at our supplier.

Year 7:    Handbook | Booklist

Year 8:    Handbook | Booklist

Year 9:    Handbook | Booklist

Year 10:  Handbook | Booklist

Year 11:  Handbook | Booklist

Year 12:  Handbook |  Booklist