Where I am Loved and Respected

To Love and to be Loved is what we wish for every Child

At South Coast Baptist College School of Early Learning Child Care  we facilitate positive self-esteem and high self-worth to assist each child to have strong, lifelong, emotional intelligence, giving them the ability to cope with life’s challenges.

Early brain development research reinforces an important message about Early Childhood Education. Early childhood experiences are critical to the emotional and intellectual development of a child. Infants and toddlers learn about themselves and their world during interactions with others. Brain connections that lead to later success grow out of positive attachment, nurturing, supportive, and predictable care. This type of caregiving fosters child curiosity, creativity and self-confidence. Young children need safety, love, conversation and a stimulating environment to develop and keep important synapses in the brain.


We are the best Childcare Service  in the Southern region.....

Come and see for yourself, we love to play !!

Contact the Centre directly on 9540 4444

Email childcare@scbc.wa.edu.au


Western Australian Curriculum for Kindergarten Children at the childcare

The Early Childhood teacher (Koorlongka room) creates a program with reference to the Western Australian Curriculum.

Centre Philosophy

Our pedagogy and practice  is reflected in our love for children, believing that children deserve the very best care and unconditional love.

Playgroup Times

Playgroup runs every Friday from 9.30am – 11.30am. Contact the childcare office on 08 9540 4444 for more information.