Thank you for working with us to ensure the safety of all students in our care.


If a student is unable to attend due to illness or other reasons, please notify the College by Adding an Attendance Note through Compass or by calling 9540 4400.

If a student is marked absent (and it isn’t rectified before 10am) the College will notify parents by SMS. This is for student safety and to make addressing absences easier for parents.


Students who are late, even if only by a few minutes, must sign in and get a late note. This ensures attendance is accurate and they are marked present. This is essential for emergency information, and prevents parents from receiving absentee messages when students are at school.

Signing Out

Students who need to be signed out during the day for appointments, or for other reasons, need permission by the parent/guardian. This can be done directly through Compass or by calling 08 9540 4400. Once permission has been received, Secondary students can sign themselves out at  the front Reception. Parents of Primary students are required to sign their children out at Reception and collect their child from the classroom. All students need to provide the 'departure slip' to Reception before exiting the College.


Our school app was developed by our Year 9 Media students in 2016. This has up-to-date contact information, primary and secondary calendars, newsletters, and more. It also has an Absentee Form that can be used by parents to alert Student Services of illness or upcoming holidays.


All medical and excursion information is done through Consent2Go. Parents are emailed a link used to update their contact and medical information at regular intervals. If you require information to be updated at a time other than when the email has been sent out, you can request an update link here.

All events and excursions will generate an email invitation. You're required to check through contact and medical information as a part of the process, ensuring everything is up-to-date. Simply review and accept, and the student will be marked as attending the event or excursion.

Update Information