In the Classroom – Year 1A with Mrs Le Roux

The children in Year 1A are currently exploring Project Based Learning. They have been collaborating with each other to investigate and learn more about different aspects of farming in WA.  The children have had many opportunities to learn skills such as asking questions, finding resources and applying information. They have enjoyed adding questions to our […]

AFS Education China

AFS Educator Program from China

“SCBC will host another year of AFS Educator Program from China in August. This is a cultural exchange program for Chinese educator to come to our school and stay with a family to experience the authentic Australian way of schooling and living. This year we have chosen a 40-year old male teacher Dazhi from Shanghai, […]


From the Principal…

Dear Parents, Whether things are going well or not, our foundational beliefs matter. Uplifting and maintaining HOPE is profoundly important at SCBC. We teach it to your children; inside and outside the walls of the classroom. Hope is faith in the unseen. It’s constructive confidence in a future event. Hope enables us to have a […]

Year 11 Visual Art

Year 11 Visual Art

Students in Year 11 Visual Art were tasked with creating a piece of art in any medium which conveyed the message of “Unique – as individual as you”. Natasha chose to use a map based collage self-portrait which used maps of her home City of Manchester as the main parts of her face and the […]