The Physics Extension program allows students to engage in real world investigations through the highly regarded IYPT (International Young Physicists Tournament) Australia competition.

Every December, SCBC students travel to Brisbane for an exciting national physics competition called IYPT Australia.

Students are given open-ended physics questions six months in advance and debate their findings with other competitors who have worked on the same problem. High level skills of research, experimentation, data analysis, and scientific communication are developed throughout the training for the tournament.

SCBC has performed very well at IYPT Australia. In 2016, we emerged as tournament champions. Two of our students, Jared Loffler and Jack Ellery were selected to represent Australia at the world tournament in Russia ( as part of the five-student national team. In subsequent years, Shaylah Ryan-Sherriff (2017) and Daniel Rutherford (2018), have travelled to Singapore and Beijing respectively to represent their country.

In 2020, Anna Watts and Conan John were poised to continue this fine tradition of donning the green and gold and were bound for Romania as part of the national team. Anna and Conan worked on fascinating questions such as the flight of playing cards and the laser speckle phenomenon.

SCBC is very thankful to the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science for supporting our students through a grant.

We would like to encourage anyone who sees their future in Engineering or Physics to have a look at our Physics Extension Program and the many possibilities it affords.


Dr Becker guides Shaylah as she measures surface forces for liquids on glass surfaces using equipment such as the AFM (Atomic Force Microscope) and the Contact Angle Goniometer.


Anna Watts, Conan John have been selected to be part of the 5-member national team to represent Australia at the IYPT 2020 to be held in Romania.  Seth Green also participated with distinction for SCBC.