Handbooks & Booklists

2020 Handbooks & Booklists

Please refer to handbooks for all subject selection information, uniform requirements, behaviour policies and attendance policies.

Secondary Booklists & Handbooks

We have received advice from Office Max you are able to order your booklist items.  Due to the delay, Office Max have extended free delivery to our 2020 Secondary families to the 31st January 2020.

Note: Year 7 students purchase all items (except Football Academy - unless they have placement).  For Year 9-12 students, electives have been sent to current families.  With new families to the College, we have posted student packs via Australia Post.

Secondary Booklists must be ordered through OfficeMax:
  1. Go to the following link:  https://www.officemaxschools.com.au/WA/Waikiki/South-Coast-Baptist-College
  2. Enter the access key: W83K2Q
  3. Enter your student's details and select their relevant year level
  4. Proceed to order booklist


Year 7:    Handbook | Booklist

Year 8:    Handbook | Booklist

Year 9:    Handbook | Booklist

Year 10:  Handbook | Booklist

Year 11:  Handbook | Booklist

Year 12:  Handbook |  Booklist


Secondary Practical Student Information & Policies

2020 Secondary Practical Student Information

Health and Physical Education Practical Policy

Chromebook Information

2020 - Chromebook Information

2020 - Chromebook Letter

SCBC Student Chromebook Claim Form


SCBC IT Policy

IT Acceptable Use Policy